[Suzaku-en:00845] Re: Supported PIM Types MPMC_SZ410

mio email@hidden
Mon May 10 10:31:58 JST 2010


The difference of original xilinx mpmc ipcore only divided the control 
and address output.
original xilinx mpmc ipcore and mpmc_sz410 are almost the same.
Please refer to the original xilinx mpmc ipcore manual.



> Hello dear everybody !
> I am wondering what PIMs the mpmc_sz410 supports...
> I can see from xps-siv00 design example that the mpmc_sz410 supports 
> at least the XCL PIM. I don't know exactly what designates mpmc_sz410 
> from the original xilinx mpmc ipcore... In case the NPI PIM is 
> supported, i understand that every PIM should work fine.
> Thank you for your help,
> Julian Grahsl

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