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Thanks for the previous solution. To bad direct spi will not be
implemented in XPS 12/13. 

I checked the document which is at this moment the best document found
about the suzaku-boards. The problem is I speak/read no Japanese so I
have to pull it thru a translater. 

In the document I couldn't find the solution. Here is my problem in

1) I use the default project from atmark for the sz410.
This program provides me with the first bootloader bboot. This will copy
the second bootloader from flash to the RAM, and the second bootloader
will kick a s-record file? Or linux?

I want to use the bboot to load my program from flash to ram and do a
software reset. 

The document shows a hello world program running in bram. My program is
to massive to fit inside the bram. Therefore I like to run this in RAM.
At this point I got stuck. How can I link/create/upload this program in
flash so that by restart the bboot program will download my program
instead of the hermit-bootloader. Or must I startup the second
bootloader and is it then possible to startup the massive program
instead of linux.

Hope you understand my problem, the hello world was just a simple
explanation but my program is way bigger.


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> I like to create a simple hello world program and place this in flash.
> This program must be started by bboot program instead of the second
> bootloader hermit. Can anyone explain me how to create the hello world
> file and copy this in flash so that bboot is loading this.

Please refer to following manual(p162-p182) for "hello world".
GUI helps you though it is Japanese manual.


The following previously introduced, did not resolve?




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