[Suzaku-en:00880] Re: 5 UART linux driver

mizo email@hidden
Tue Jan 11 11:06:15 JST 2011


email@hidden wrote:
> I'm trying to use the same serial driver in linux to drive 5 xps_uarts.
> I found  three types of serial drives in the path:
> atmark-dist/linux-2.6.x/drivers/ serial which are uartlite.c,
> uarlite_xilinx.c and uartlite_pico. So I have this question: I saw three
> drivers and i don't find the numbers of ttys to add 5 uarts. 

For Suzaku, currently using UART device driver is uartlite_xilinx, which
can be found by using the following command.

[atde]$ cd linux-2.6.x
[atde]$  grep -r UART arch/ppc/configs/sz410_defconfig
# CONFIG_UART0_TTYS1 is not set
[atde]$ obj-$(CONFIG_SERIAL_XILINX_UARTLITE) += uartlite_xilinx.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SERIAL_XILINX_UARTLITE) += uartlite_xilinx.o

Once the kernel was built completely, the *.o will be generated.
In xul_port structure of the source file, to adding more UART device can
implement here.

For the major and minor number of the device driver file has been
defined as following.

devicefile | major | minor
ttyS0      | 4     | 64
ttyS1      | 4     | 65
ttyS2      | 4     | 66
ttyS3      | 4     | 67
ttyS4      | 4     | 68


> Do I need
> to modify some files to add the ttys files? thanks. Best regards

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