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Andries Muis - LR email@hidden
Fri Jan 21 16:43:51 JST 2011

Yes, I know this location. I like to know if there was a discussion in
the mailinglist about this. I don't know where to look for the question.
I thought there was more information in that discussion.


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> Hi all,
> I remembered that there was something with a second bram and bram
> controller to get the interrupts working, But I can't find it
> Does anybody know the settings? Should I add a second bram and start
> at 0xFFFF000 size 16k and let the vector sector be located in this

In XPS [Applications] tab, please right click "Project: BBoot" and 
select "Set Compiler Options" or "Generate Linker Script".

What you are looking for is this?


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