[Suzaku:00216] Re: Problem with NFS

Yasushi SHOJI email@hidden
2005年 1月 10日 (月) 19:19:44 JST

At Mon, 10 Jan 2005 08:59:56 +0000,
Shakith Fernando wrote:
> Dear Sir,

no need to call me Sir ;)

> Sorry for the earlier html msg.
> The client is the SUZAKU board. The Image is built up on my own. The Mount 
> is a busybox version. Linux Redhat is running NFS Server. The export file 
> has following line.
> /home/shakith/my_share SUZAKU(rw, SYNC, NO_ROOT_SQUASH)
> NFS was restarted.
> On the client,
> # mount -t nfs /mnt -o 
> wsize=4096,rsize=4096
> Help is appreciated

hmm.. do you have an entry called 'SUZAKU' in your server's /etc/hosts
or can your server get ip number of your suzaku board with the name

what if you change the word 'SUZAKU' to '*' like this:
/home/shakith/my_share *(rw, SYNC, NO_ROOT_SQUASH)

btw, you need 'nolock' option in client command if you don't have rpc
running on suzaku.

for a quick check did you enable CONFIG_USER_BUSYBOX_NFSMOUNT? Can you
mount the my_share from other system? (such as rhl on i386?)

my settings

on server's /etc/exports:
/srv/exports/suzaku *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)

on suzaku:
# mount -t nfs 192.168.1.xx:/srv/exports/suzaku /mnt -o wsize=4096,rsize=4096,nolock

this works for me.

Best regards,

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