[Suzaku:00226] Re: Trouble adding OPB slave

Eike Suthau email@hidden
2005年 1月 14日 (金) 12:01:46 JST


I'm actually using the gcc that was on the atmark-techno CD, that is:
gcc version 2.95.3-4 Xilinx EDK 6.1 Build EDK_G.11

I've compiled uClinux with this compiler because the version in the 6.3 EDK 
does not work at all:
gcc version 2.95.3-4 Xilinx EDK 6.3 Build EDK_Gmm.11.2

Can you provide me with a toolchain that actually works (6.2?)?

Here's the assembler source of the test program:
        .stabn 68,0,5,$LM1-main
        .frame  r1,0,r15                # vars= 0, regs= 0/0, args= 0, extra= 
        .mask   0x00000000,0
        .stabn 68,0,7,$LM2-main
        addik   r3,r0,-20472    # 0xffffb008
        .stabn 68,0,16,$LM3-main
        sw      r0,r0,r3
        .stabn 68,0,26,$LM4-main
        bri     $L5
        .stabn 68,0,28,$LM5-main
        .end    main
.stabn 192,0,0,$LBB2-main
.stabn 224,0,0,$LBE2-main


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