[Suzaku:00231] Trouble adding OPB slave

Eike Suthau email@hidden
2005年 1月 14日 (金) 18:51:19 JST

Hello (this time in English ;-),

I have added an instance of the Xilinx opb_ipif (version 3_01_a) to
my design. I'm using it in posted mode to send data to my own logic (using the 
decoded WR_CE signal and the data bus only).

Here is my problem:
I access a port used by my own logic - the program works and I see the correct 
behaviour from my design (it's a buffered parallel->serial converter).
However, when I use "while (1) { ... }" to put the program into an endless 
loop it quits after a few thousand cycles (this is no constant time).

What could I be doing wrong or is there a known bug? What is the normal 
practice for adding slaves to the OPB?

Best regards,

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