[Suzaku:00232] on IPIF OPB bus trouble

Eike Suthau email@hidden
2005年 1月 14日 (金) 19:07:21 JST

Hello all, (sorry for sending the previous message twice)

I think this issue is of some general interest so I'm posting it here.
I have tried to use the OPB_IPIF (version 3.01.a) in posted mode for bus 
writes (for speed and some convenience). 

It seems to me that stable operation is not of this IP is not possible in 
posted mode (i.e. using EDK and ISE 6.3i) as test program quits for no 
apparent reason when accessing the IP resource.

For now I'm forcing all accesses to be acknowledged by setting:
"signal ZERO_IP2Bus_PostedWrInh : std_logic_vector(0 to 
ARD_ID_ARRAY'length-1)  := (others => '1') ;"
in the IPIF VHDL file.

If someone had a comment I'd be very glad to hear it.


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