[Armadillo:00186] Mistake our question(Reply What you query)

研三部_楊禮謙 email@hidden
2005年 3月 23日 (水) 19:33:21 JST

Dear Fumito san:

      Thank you for your reply,

      However you mistake our question.

      I need to make sure:

     2.2  (our question)

           When startup the armadillo then using discover.exe, this program (discover.exe) does not get IP by auto.

Note: The IP has got while using ifconfig command to make sure.


(your answer)

The discover.exe works with the network setting program which is in the "recover.img".

You need to write "recover.img" to flash memory on Armadillo-J.


           After we write recover.img to flash, we startup discover.exe, we can not IP by auto with discover.exe.

           Can you tell us what‘s up?

2.3      (our question)

          According to Startup Guide 7.Troubleshooting item 7, 5 items. We using serial communication port::21347 with HyperTerminal and 

 is not work.


(Your answer)

It's just same as above.

Serial communication program is in the "recover.img".


 After we write recover.img to flash, and then we use serial communication with HyperTerminal (port::21347) to target board.

 Target board is nor working.


   New question

          Could you tell me that? 

          1. Recover.img it is include bootloader, kernel and user land, right?

          2. How can we build our web html in /home/www, it is overwritten directly or not?

            We have tested it (overwrite our web html to /home/www directly),it is not ok.

            Could you tell us the detail of setting in your system?

                                                                                                  Angus mail from EMINE 

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